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Dropcam users need to register with Nest

Nest sent out an email this week asking its Dropcam users to create new accounts.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Google's Nest bought Dropcam for $555 million last June, and Dropcam became an official member of the 'Works with Nest' initiative a few months after that.

We haven't heard much Nest-Dropcam talk since then, but an email went out to Dropcam customers this week asking them to register their existing camera accounts with Nest. That includes agreeing to Nest's terms of service and privacy information, both of which were updated February 23.


While this move signals an upcoming consolidation of Nest and Dropcam interfaces, there aren't any substantive changes yet. Dropcam customers will be able to access the same Web and mobile apps -- they just need to use their new account credentials to do so.

A note to potential stragglers: Nest will automatically issue a new account to anyone who holds off for more than 30 days. Check out Nest's related support page for more details.