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Dropbox iOS app updated with slicker PDF viewer

The latest update offers a better way to view your PDFs and push notifications if someone shares a folder with you.

Dropbox's iOS app has beefed up its PDF viewer.
Dropbox's iOS app has beefed up its PDF viewer. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Dropbox's app for iPhone and iPad users was updated today with a few handy enhancements.

Version 2.1 of the app now provides a more robust PDF viewer. You can easily jump to any page in the PDF by clicking on a thumbnail of that page. And a search button lets you track down any word or phrase in the file. Swiping your way through the PDF is also quicker and smoother, and you can easily see each page as you pass by it.

You can now sort your files based on modified date, with the latest files popping up at the top of the list.

And finally, you can opt to receive a push notification each time someone shares a Dropbox folder with you.

Dropbox's Android app also now offers the push notification option for shared folder invites. But the app still doesn't include its own PDF viewer, forcing you to use a third-party program to check out your PDFs.

Dropbox's iOS app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and requires iOS 5.0 or higher. The app also supports the larger screen size of the iPhone 5.