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See drone pinata meet its delicious, sugary doom

Think regular pinata swatting is tough? Try and smash one that's buzzing around on a drone, as these YouTubers did.

Sure, pinatas are fun. They're an engaging little birthday-party activity that ends in a delicious sugar rush. Drones are fun too, buzzing around capturing cool aerial video and terrifying cats. Add the two together and you've got a drone pinata, which hits the sweet spot on all accounts.

The guys behind cool-stuff store Vat19 wanted to celebrate receiving 2 billion views on their YouTube channel, and decided a drone pinata was the obvious answer. They had a custom pinata made in the shape of a gummy bear, since one of their most famous products is a 5-pound, $36 (£25, AU$49) gummy bear.

The pinata was filled not with actual gummy bears, but with cereal marshmallows, also sold on the site (1200 marshmallows for $8). It turned out to be a pretty tough opponent, too, seemingly taunting the baseball-bat swinging assassins and even dive-bombing one of them.

In the end, the lightweight drone and crepe-paper bear were no match for an aluminum bat and a few well-placed Bryce Harper-like swings. Get out your own bowl of popcorn -- or cereal marshmallows or gummy bears -- and sit back and enjoy the destruction. Please note: No real bears, gummy or otherwise, were harmed during the making of this video.

This article also appears in Spanish. Read: Este dron piñata tiene un dulce final