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Drone pilot buys world's most expensive sausage sandwich

It was only meant to cost a couple of bucks, but those fines for flying drones are a doozy.

If you're unfamiliar with the most Australian of practices, no trip to a Bunnings hardware store on a weekend morning is complete without a quick stop at the charity barbecue out front for a sausage sizzle. Normally it'd cost you a couple of dollarydoos, but one enterprising drone pilot could be on the hook for a AU$9,000 fine, The Age is reporting.

After uploading a video of his flight to YouTube, in which he attached a plastic bag and a AU$10 note to the drone and flew it across traffic and through a crowd to procure his sausage, the Australian man fell under the scrutiny of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia's local regulatory body.

Website EFTM has since posted the video, commenting on the various regulations the pilot allegedly broke. These included flying outside of his line of sight, flying within 30 metres of people and flying in restricted airspace. The pilot also allegedly sold the video, which requires a commercial license in Australia.

It isn't the first time CASA has fined amateur drone pilots for breaching safety regulations. It's not even the first time pilots have been found out after posting to YouTube. Drone regulation has been the subject of recent debate in Australia, with safety concerns for the public at the forefront.