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Who's 'Jaws' now? Drone footage shows dolphins attacking shark

An aerial camera catches a pod of dolphins tiring out, then killing a shark off the coast of Australia.

If you associate dolphins with sweet little Flipper, and sharks with menacing mouthy nightmares, the drone footage captured by Bruno Kataoka may make you think again.

His drone caught a pod of false killer whales, members of the dolphin family, stalking a young shark in the waters off the Sydney, Australia, suburb of Cronulla. They tire it out, and eventually the leader grabs Young Jaws in its, well, jaws, and that's a wrap. The juvenile shark looks about as big as a Jolly Rancher in the massive mouth of its killer.

"We did not expect to see what we saw," Kataoka, a self-described director of photography, told Sydney's 7 News. "It was a really exciting moment...National Geographic guys wait months to get such a thing." An expert consulted by 7 News estimated the attacking dolphins at 3-5 meters long (10-16 feet).

Goodbye, little teen shark. Rest in pieces.