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Drone footage shows 70 sharks in bloody feeding frenzy

The sharks feasted on a whale carcass off the coast of Western Australia for two hours as tourists gawked.

Aerial footage captured by a drone hovering over Shark Bay, Western Australia on Saturday shows 70 massive tiger sharks sinking their teeth into a dead humpback whale.

The video was filmed by Eco Abrolhos cruises and shows two boatloads of tourists looking on as the sharks tear apart the mangled carcass of the whale. Blood clouds the surrounding turquoise waters.

"Passengers on our 14 day Geraldton to Broome and everywhere in between [cruise] were treated to an unexpected phenomena whilst cruising inside Dirk Hartog Island," the company posted on its Facebook page. "Something to show and tell the grandchildren."

Tiger sharks are known to prey on humans and can reach up to 6.5 meters (21 feet) in length.

"We went round for two hours right up close and personal you could reach over and touch them," cruise operator Joe Cox told the Daily Mail. "They were very docile and very well fed, we counted around 70 tiger sharks of all shapes and sizes."