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Watch three crazy guys scale the Eiffel Tower

In a butt-puckering video, three Russian men climb Paris' Eiffel Tower and record it using POV and drone footage.

Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty Images

Just in case you thought you led a pretty exciting life, three Russian thrill seekers (illegally) scaled the Eiffel Tower and captured their climb using a drone and a few body cams.

Not only is climbing the 1,063 foot (324 meter) tower an accomplishment on its own, but getting past security was also an endeavor. To gain access to the monument, the men (Ivan Kuznetsov, Ivan Semenov and Alihan) bought admissions tickets, hid inside a small shaft until five in the morning when security was more lax and began their ascent.

The drone later crashed (it was windy that day, according to the climbers) and the operator got a hefty fine. The scalers, who were sponsored by a travel site, made it through the whole ordeal safely, even though the final video doesn't quite show them reaching the top.