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Tim Sessler

Drone cinematographer reinvents Hitchcock technique to create this stunning aerial movie

Cinematographer Tim Sessler channels "Vertigo" and "Inception" with his new drone-shot film, "Balance."

Camera-equipped drones have captured incredible things on film -- and filmmakers are just getting started exploring the possibilities. Case in point: Tim Sessler, founder of high-flying cinematography firm Brooklyn Aerials, has recently managed to replicate the famous "dolly zoom" technique from Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 film Vertigo.

Nearly six decades later, it's still a mind-blowing effect, and to be able to do it up in the sky is particularly amazing.

Take a look at his full film, Balance, for that, plus some incredible rolling footage of upside-down skyscrapers. The whole thing reminds me of Christopher Nolan's "Inception." You can also watch this behind-the-scenes video to see how the footage was created.

via PetaPixel