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DroidLanding Twitter account reactivates for new campaign

An official Twitter account for Verizon's Droid lineup comes back online for first time in nearly two years.

Verizon's DroidLanding account (Twitter) has shaken back to life. Verizon (Screenshot by Scott Webster/CNET)

The official DroidLanding Twitter account has reactivated itself and is broadcasting beacons again.

After sitting dormant for the better part of two years, @DroidLanding is teasing followers with transmissions and videos.

This account has been used to help drum up interest in previous Droid models as they neared launch. While one might assume that a new Droid-branded smartphone is in order, there is nothing in the rumor mill to suggest that will be the case.

As to what exactly will happen should become clear in short order; a YouTube video tells us "combat begins in June." Reading the other new tweets one could sense that this is merely a new Droid-themed game. With talk of "nationwide sightings" and "wARriors" under the control of civilians, it smells like an augmented reality game exclusive to Verizon.

If history is an indicator, we might see some scavenger hunts and races to specific destinations. And while there might not be a shiny new Droid at the end point, one might walk away with some Verizon or Droid memorabilia. With that in mind, now would be a good time to keep an eye on the Google Play store (Droid Combat Mission Alpha) and App Store (D: COM Mission Alpha) to look for the new apps.