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Driveclub VR is launch title for PlayStation VR in Japan, will have new tracks

Cockpit view and realistic 3D audio are mentioned as features in the game.

Sony has announced Driveclub VR will be available for the launch of its PlayStation VR headset in Japan. Although further details aren't available in English as of yet, a post on the Japanese PlayStation Blog states there will be a cockpit view and realistic 3D audio.

Paul Rustchynsky, Driveclub's former director, confirmed on Twitter that there "is a collection of brand new tracks," for the PlayStation VR version. He did not provide any further details.

Earlier this year, Driveclub developer Evolution Studios was closed by its parent company Sony. This was part of a wider restructure to Sony's European studios. Codemasters, the developer of the Dirt, Grid, and F1 series of racing games, later hired devs from Evolution Studios.


PlayStation VR's release date has been confirmed as October 13, and it will retail for $399. Sony has not said whether DriveClub VR will be a PlayStation VR launch title in other territories.

Retailer GameStop sold through its entire allocation of PlayStation VR preorder units "within minutes" of them becoming available. Sony has warned there will likely be ongoing shortages.