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Drive safer when you add this $299 night-vision display to your car

Back in stock! Normally $499, this impressive new product lights up the night for drivers. Plus: Four other deals you shouldn't miss!

- 03:21

The Lanmodo Vast gives you an unparalleled nighttime view of the road.

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Good morning, cheeps! Before we get to the main event, here are a few deals that should be on your radar today -- all of them available for a limited time and while supplies last:

  • The Google Home Hub smart display is just $57.31 with promo code GG10A. That's only a buck over the all-time low. Original price: $129! Note that Google now calls this the Nest Hub, but it's still the same product. Read CNET's Google Nest Hub review to learn more. Update: This deal has expired; the price is now about $5 higher (still a fantastic deal, IMHO).
  • Speaking of Google stuff, you can score a Google Home Mini and Google Chromecast for just $45 at Walmart. That's at least $10 less than if you purchased them separately.
  • The Roku Premiere HD 4K HDR streamer is on sale for $29.95 (save $10), a price that includes three-month subscriptions to both Hulu and Pandora (for new subscribers only, though). Update: This deal has expired.
  • My new favorite mobile accessory is the RapidX MyPort, which is as versatile as power banks get. It's a 10,000-mAh power bank with USB-C and USB Type-A ports and a built-in Qi pad for wireless charging. The unit itself lives in a dock that not only keeps it charged, but also serves as a Qi charging stand for your phone. So you can use on your desk or nightstand and as a grab-and-go mobile charger. Brilliant! Promo code cheapskate knocks the price down to $64.99.

We've all been there. Driving at night, driving in a downpour, driving any time at all when visibility is poor. It's terrifying. And poor visibility is a major contributing factor in the number of annual driving-related deaths (which is staggering), so I'm a big fan of anything that has the potential to improve driver safety.

Like this: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get the Lanmodo Vast 1080p Automotive Night Vision System for $299.40 with promo code LMDNVS_CN. Regular price: $499.

The Vast resembles a rear-view mirror, albeit one with a camera lens protruding from the rear. It can mount on your windshield via suction cup or sit directly on your dash on a non-slip pad. Power comes from your car's cigarette lighter (also known as the power port) or OBD port.

Your car's headlights, necessarily angled down, let you see about 100 feet. The Lanmodo's Sony-powered camera can extend your vision to nearly 300 meters, which can give you considerably more reaction time when there's, say, a deer, pedestrian or sharp curve ahead.

I did some quick and informal testing, and found that the device works amazingly well. Nighttime effectively turns into daytime, at least as viewed on the 8.2-inch screen. My only real complaint is with the controls, a row of top-mounted buttons that are anything but easy to manage while driving. The power button is large and centered, which is good, but any adjustments are best made before you hit the road.

For anyone who drives a lot at night, lives in the country, possesses aging eyes or wants every possible safety feature, this is definitely worth a look.

Your thoughts?

Note: Originally published yesterday. Updated to reflect change in availability.

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