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Drive a battery-powered car, neuter a bunny

Panasonic expands alternative fuel technology.


One of Crave's many obsessions has long been the "convergence" of various products and technologies into all-in-one devices, whether it be a refrigerator TV or an air-purifying speaker lamp. (We didn't say these were useful combinations.) But here's one mashup we didn't see coming--battery-powered cars and rodent birth control.

Now that we've got your attention: Panasonic, which recently introduced its version of a battery-powered plane, has applied the alternative-fuels technology to the road as well with an electric car powered by 192 AA cells that it says can reach 100 kilometers per hour, or more than 62 mph, according to Newlaunches. The bunny connection? It uses Panasonic's "Oxyride" batteries, which supposedly last much longer than conventional alkaline counterparts--a claim that prompted the company to launch a "Neuter your Bunny" campaign last year in an advertising play against Energizer's well-known drumming fuzz ball.

We just hope that the batteries use the same non-exploding cells that Panasonic is making for its laptop versions.