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'DrIron' makes wrinkles tremble in fear

This uber-dryer may have a hokey name, but it sounds awesome.


Despite its name, which sounds like something out of a Dickens or Shelley novel, Fagor is a U.K. company that has some cutting-edge technology for household appliances. And despite the decidedly Ronco-esque name of its latest clothes dryer--"DrIron"--it makes some bold claims.

Unlike competing products that promise to dewrinkle clothes but still require ironing, this one supposedly takes the process a crucial step further. "The dryer and iron combo works so cleverly that when clothes and laundry are removed from the machine they have no wrinkles or creases," according to Appliancist.

There's a price for such luxury, of course, to the tune of $3,000. But if you send out your laundry every week or so, it might end up saving in the long run. Or, if you have a personal staff that handles this sort of domestic drudgery, it will leave the butler more time for important duties.