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Drink up! Bottle tops convert your cans to bottles

A new "as seen on TV" product lives up to its claims in the kitchen.

But wait! There's more! TeleBrands Corp.

My husband is one of about six people on the planet who drinks Vanilla Coke Zero. This flavor is so unpopular that it's extremely difficult to find in bottles, which means we buy a lot of 12-packs of cans of soda.

On occasion, my husband doesn't finish a whole can at once. And the leftover soda loses its carbonation and eventually gets dumped down the drain. And then I get annoyed because I hate wasting money. And food. But mostly money.

So as much as I might enjoy making fun of late night informercials, I was intrigued when I saw an ad for the Bottle Top. It looks like the top third or so of a plastic water bottle, with a lid that seals shut. Snap the top right onto your soda can to keep your soda carbonated and prevent spills. A south Mississippi TV reporter evaluated the Bottle Top and found that it did meet most of the ad claims.

The Bottle Top comes in six different colors. The ad says a set of six is $10, but what you can order online is actually a set of 12 (plus a pop-top opener in case you've never mastered the fine art of opening a can of soda) for $10, plus $6.99 shipping and another $6.99 shipping and handling for the second set of six. Or, head to the store and grab a box of 12 for $10.