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Drink outside the (juice) box with The Rube Goldberg Straw

Whether you wish your straw to have a bend, turn or loop, The Rube Goldberg Straw can accommodate. The set consists of 17 pieces and is dishwasher-safe.

The Rube Goldberg Straw from Hammacher Schlemmer gets the job done.
The Rube Goldberg Straw from Hammacher Schlemmer gets the job done. Hammacher Schlemmer

Here we have The Rube Goldberg Straw ($13.95). It is customizable straw consisting of 17 pieces. No longer must you be forced into a predefined determination of straw use. Thanks to advanced straw technology, you can now drink outside the juice box -- or glass or cup as the case may be.

This is not the first DIY straw-making kit we've seen, nor will it likely be the last. However, technology sometimes advances in strides and sometimes in baby steps. At this particular juncture of straw-related technology, we see an intersection of past ideas. But now there's a twisty part.

Previous iterations of construct-your-own straw sets have included bends, straightaways and U-turns along with the requisite connectors. Now, like a much needed rare part found in a Lego set, whatever the envisioned masterpiece is can be constructed -- but in this case it is more fun to submerge the resulting creation into juice, soda or chocolate milk than say, a Lego spaceship.

A hint of what is to come from this particular technology segment is embedded in the name of this product; Rube Goldberg was famous for his complicated whimsical designs that accomplished simple tasks. Clearly, there could be more (or any) magnets, springs, whistles and weights involved. Luckily, the technology exists; it will just take some cross-disciplinary focus to put it all together. Hopefully, some enterprising mind will be inspired by this very post. Go forth, young inventor; the future of humankind is in your hands.