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Drink chilled wine outside without a cooler

The Skybar Wine Cool Cover involves no prefreezing of parts or equipment.

No ice needed. Sur La Table

It may not seem like it now, but soon there will come a day when the sun is shining, and outside activities are but a picnic basket away. When it comes to serving certain wines, temperature makes all the difference, but it can be difficult to mix a fun day spent outdoors with a perfectly chilled wine. Advanced planning is usually essential, involving the forethought to place equipment in the freezer, such as gel packs or even bulky contrivances.

The Skybar Wine Cool Cover doesn't require you to prefreeze any equipment or freezer packs. Instead, the picnic accessory creates a double-walled barrier between your wine and the elements. Though the cover does not need to be prechilled, the wine bottle does, so having a chilled bottle of wine for outside enjoyment is as simple as grabbing one from the fridge ad putting in the cover.

Completely covering a standard 750-milliliter bottle, the Skybar Wine Cool Cover also features a no-drip base on which to place your wine. With no ice involved, or the need to freeze any equipment, the wine cover makes it just as easy to enjoy chilled wine on a picnic as it is to enjoy in the dining room.