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Drink a soda, win a free Xbox

Pepsi plans to deliver more than 9,000 new 360 game consoles in a nine-week promotion.

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.
Pepsi will give away as many as 9,222 Xbox 360 game consoles in a bid to whet appetites for its drinks and the first new version of the Microsoft gadget in five years.

The companies launched the "Every 10 Minutes" promotion on Monday, promising to deliver the new Xbox consoles to winners before they hit stores for the holidays. Participants will have a chance to enter drawings every 10 minutes for the next nine weeks, the company said.

To enter, players must enter a unique code printed under caps of Mountain Dew, Pepsi and Sierra Mist bottles into an online account at Participants can choose which drawings they enter. In addition to the next-generation game console, winners will also get to select a free video game--either "Madden NFL 06" or "Need for Speed Most Wanted." The estimated value of the prize is $580.

Pepsi will ship the consoles overnight to winners on the Saturday before the retail release date of the new product, according to a list of frequently asked questions on Yahoo. Microsoft has not disclosed the release date yet, but expects them to go on sale in stores before the end of the year.

One of the most anticipated features of the Xbox 360, which Microsoft has been developing for more than three years, is the ability to display games in high-definition when used with HDTVs. The game console can also link to the Web, allowing players to purchase and download game trailers, new game levels, weapons and vehicles for their games online. The machine also features a wireless controller and a 20GB hard drive for storing games and music.

Microsoft is in a race to beat Sony and Nintendo, which are also coming out with next-generation game consoles.


Correction: This story misidentified the company that is giving away Xbox consoles.