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Dries Buytaert for Drupal Association president!

The organization that oversees the development of Drupal needs a new president, and its founder is in the running. The fact that he has to campaign for it is somewhat astonishing.

Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal, is running for president.

No, not that presidency. The presidency of the Drupal Association, the organization that oversees the development of Drupal.

It's somewhat astonishing that Buytaert should have to campaign for a position that he so clearly has already earned, but it's also a testament to the meritocracy that is open source, as well as to Buytaert's own humility, that he feels compelled to do so, anyway.

And so Buytaert writes up a list of reasons why the Drupal community should vote for him, including this one:

Despite our extensive activities in 2008, the Drupal Association has been held back by the lack of more active contributors, and particularly, contributors in some key areas of our organization.

One role of the president is to lend focus to particular areas where the project should focus, to draw attention to the areas of the project that might be somewhat dysfunctional, and to bring in leadership to address these problems.

Given that, I want to outline a few of the areas where I want to push the Drupal Association and where I believe we should extend the current team.

Imagine if we had that level of candor, transparency, and humility in our national governments!

Buytaert's campaign may be a foregone conclusion, but it's also a reminder of how powerful the open-source ethic can be.

My vote is with Buytaert for Drupal's president. Yours?

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