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Dress up your iPod with SkinIt

Dress up your iPod with SkinIt

There's no shortage of protective cases and decorative skins with which you can dress up your iPod. In fact, you can find plenty right here on CNET. But we did come across some particularly fun stickers at What's neat about the decals you'll find at this site is that they're not just for the iPod. You can dress up everything from a Sony PSP to a Mac Mini to a whole slew of cell phones. And the selection of skins is so various that you can find something for any taste. Choose from art, sports, comics, fashion, music, and more. We picked out two very different skins for the iPod Nano: Neko Press's dark graphic called Window and one entitled simply Elvis Presley, but we like to call it Gold Lamé Elvis. Both stickers look quite nice on our Nanos, but don't expect these skins to protect your Nano's screen or sides--they don't have a clear, square sticker, nor do they wrap around the edges of the player.