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Dress to impress as a TIE Fighter pilot or Imperial Officer

Serve Darth Vader in style with these premium replica Imperial costumes from Anovos. The highly detailed outfits will make Rebel scum quake in their boots.

Fight for your right to party on the dark side in this TIE pilot helmet and jumpsuit. Anovos

When you need to dress for success, nothing says "I demand your respect" more than an Imperial officer uniform or "cannon fodder" more than a TIE Fighter pilot flight suit. Luckily, now you don't have to work for the Empire to wear your Star Destroyer best. Fans can now dress like a TIE Fighter pilot or Imperial officer with these highly detailed replica costumes from Anovos.

Before you can chase after Rebel pilots on trench runs, you may want to consider this TIE Fighter pilot replica costume -- priced at $1,500 (about £967, AU$1,853) and available for preorder now for North American customers, with estimated shipping in July 2015. Customers outside of North America can subscribe to the Anovos newsletter for updates on international sales.

The TIE Fighter pilot jumpsuit "features details never before seen on licensed costumes, right down to the full leather belt and metal belt buckle," according to Anovos. The black jumpsuit is made from polyester with a zip-front and pockets. There's an Imperial emblem silk-screened on the front, and Anovos says that there are also "environmental and air features built within the helmet, allowing the helmet to be worn longer periods at [a] time."


The complete ensemble includes a TIE Fighter pilot helmet -- which can also be purchased separately for $350 (roughly £225, AU$432), shipping June 2015 -- with lined interior and adjustable helmet suspension rig. The chest armor and chest box has flexible hoses that also plug into the helmet.

The suit also includes back armor, faux leather gloves and a separate compad at the wrist. The armor pieces are all made from ABS plastic with finished undersides, backs and interiors.

For fans who want to channel their inner Grand Moff Tarkin, this Imperial officer uniform comes in olive for $1,500 (about £967, AU$1,853) and black for $1,350 (about £870, AU$1,665). The initial run of both colors of these premier Imperial officer uniforms are limited to only 30 pieces, which are available for preorder now. The Imperial officer uniform is estimated to shipped to customers in July or August of 2015.

The Premier Imperial officer uniforms are made by Anovos using reference material from patterns of screen-used uniforms from both Lucasfilm Archives but also private collections. The jacket, pants and hat are made from original wool, military-grade cavalry twill, as used by the costume designers from the 1976 production of "A New Hope."

The Imperial officer costume comes with jodhpurs and a double-breasted tunic with snap closures with two hidden front pockets for code cylinders.

This prototype costume is subject to change. Rank pins and code cylinder sold separately. Anovos

The Imperial officer hat has a metal cockade -- "code disk" -- that attaches magnetically to protect the hat fabric from puncturing. Code cylinders and chest rank bars will be sold separately at a later date.

Anovos isn't messing around with these costumes, recommending that before ordering any replica suits, customers have their measurements taken by a professional tailor for the best results. Refer to this sizing and measurement guide to figure out the correct measurements.

Anovos first revealed its line of high-end in April 2014, with Luke Skywalker's Bespin uniform with holster and Darth Vader's intimidating garb as well as Han Solo's signature outfit.

Fans can also purchase Darth Vader's iconic helmet separately for $450 (£290, AU$555), shipping in June 2015. Watch this video from Anovos to see all the details that went into Vader's helmet replica.

Want to know more about the Anovos official line of "Star Wars" replica costumes? Check out this extended video interview with Heath Hammond from Anovos on The Comlink webseries.