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Dreamy pet-bed nook lets Fluffy sleep inside your mattress

Keep your pup's paws out of your face at night by giving the fluffball a special cubbyhole built right into your bed.

This dog looks plenty cozy in its bed-in-a-bed.

Colchão Inteligente Postural

There's an eternal debate among those with pets: Do you let floofy loved ones sleep on the bed or not? Most people come down strongly on one side or the other. But now there's a third option. You can let your four-legged buddy snooze inside your mattress.

Brazilian mattress company Colchao Inteligente Postural created a bed set that features a pet nook built right into the side of the box spring. This keeps your mattress and sheets unbesmirched by paws while your pooch beds down in style and comfort just below you.

The pet bed comes decorated with frilly curtains and a removable and washable cushion. Of course, any pup that truly likes to snuggle with you may skip the custom cut-out bed entirely and opt for sharing your top mattress.

While this seems like a natural fit for small dogs (there doesn't seem to be a Great Dane-size version available), plenty of cats, ferrets and even mini-pigs may well enjoy the comforts of their very own bunk beds in such delightfully close quarters with their beloved humans.

Colchao Inteligente Postural sells its products within Brazil and some other South American countries, but international shipping may be difficult to arrange for such a cumbersome object. You may have to call upon your maker skills to craft a human/dog/cat set of bunk beds for yourself. Pricing has not been revealed, but the company has shown off samples of the bed and says it can make them in various sizes to accommodate pet needs.

Handy geeks may want to dress the pet nook up, perhaps making it look like a mini Star Trek transporter room. Look to the maker world for inspiration. When it comes to pet beds, it's still hard to top this Star Wars Landspeeder cat bed.

Pet bed within a bed

This should help keep your pets organized at bedtime.

Colchão Inteligente Postural

(Via Laughing Squid)