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Draw sculptures in midair from wood and bronze with the 3Doodler Pro

This sophisticated upgrade of the original 3D printing pen for kids gets hot, hot, hot and is strictly for adults only.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

3Doodler, the kooky 3D printing pen, is back with a new professional version capable of fashioning designs out of special plastics that contain wood, copper, bronze, nylon and polycarbonate.

Unlike its predecessor, the pen on display here at IFA in Berlin is definitely not a plaything for kiddywinks. It can reach temperatures of up to 250 degrees celsius, so little hands need to be kept away.

Instead the 3Doodler Pro is aimed at engineers, designers and architects who can use it for prototyping, creating concept designs or experimenting with 3D ideas.

Tactile dials on the top of the carbon fibre pen allow users to finely control the speed and temperature of the plastic "ink". An LCD display tucked on one side of the pen makes it easy to check the settings and a redesigned internal drive system has made it possible to work with all the different materials. There is also a variable fan so you can control the speed of cooling.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The biggest fundamental difference in the pen is its ability to work with new materials. They will allow for a more professional finish on concepts, blueprints, prototypes and art pieces. Designs printed in wood can be varnished just as normal wood can, and bronze designs can be buffed and polished.

Bundled with the 3Doodler Pro will be a spare battery pack, a storage case, a set of nozzles and 100 strands of special plastic. Prices start at $249 and the device will initially only be available at MoMA but will later be available from Macy's, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and the 3Doodler website. There's no international pricing available yet, but the price converts to about £185 or AU$330.

  • Carbon fiber shell
  • Temperature and speed adjustment: Adjust temperature from 100°C to 250°C, speed settings between percent and 100 percent
  • LCD display showing the desired temperature and indicators for each level
  • Side switch to adjust the cooling fan: Off, Low or High
  • Redesigned drive system for use with professional materials and filaments
  • New larger drive
  • Plastics range: wood, copper, bronze, nylon and polycarbonate
  • Priced from U$249

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