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Drake promotion on Spotify goes too far, users demand refunds

But the rapper's new album Scorpion did hit more than 10 million streams every hour, according to the music streaming service.

Spotify thinks Drake is the answer to everything. But people are done having the singer shoved in their face.

Excessive promotion of the singer on the music streaming platform -- even on ad-free accounts -- has people fuming and demanding for a refund, Billboard reported Monday.

Drake was so prominently featured in promotion for his new album Scorpion, his photos even appeared on playlists that didn't feature his work. It's the first time an artist has taken over multiple Spotify playlists on the same day, Billboard added citing an unnamed source.

The promo is working: Drake's newest album was streamed over 10 million times every hour last weekend, according to Spotify.

Spotify users naturally took to Twitter to voice their opinions...

And release their frustration.

People began requesting for a refund, believing the Drake spam to be considered advertisement -- something they paid to use the service without.

The company has yet to respond to a request for comment, but users have claimed they received a refund from Spotify after complaining about the issue.

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