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Drain without a strain

The Silicone Pot Drainer from Trudeau is a fast way to drain big pots with no mess.

The Silicone Pot Drainer

I have to admit that half the time I make pasta, I don't bother to pull out the colander and strain my noodles. I'll try to pour the water out without losing too much pasta, maybe holding it back with a spoon I already happen to have out. I don't want to dirty another dish and I don't want to have to root around in the cabinet to find the colander. Trudeau's Silicone Pot Drainer offers a compromise: using it still requires dirtying another dish, but it's easy to store and cleaning it is just a matter or tossing it in the dishwasher. Even better, the drainer won't take up half the dishwasher in the process.

The Silicone Pot Drainer is heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, beyond what's typically necessary for a pot of pasta. It's not limited to using only with pasta, of course; the drainer's holes are small enough to keep vegetables and other foods in the pot while you drain a pot. It's also large enough to use with your bigger pots, fitting 3-quart pots and even larger. The drainer is made entirely from silicone and is available in red. The Silicone Pot Drainer is priced at $12.95.