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Dragon phone gets a clamshell sibling

Quantum Telecom is displaying the fashion flip phone at CommunicAsia.

Crave Asia

Thought you had a one-of-a-kind phone with the Lillian Too Luck Dragon phone? No such luck. Quantum Telecom is displaying its clamshell twin Feng Shui phone at the company's CommunicAsia booth, alongside other fashion-inspired offerings such as its Hummer and Cadillac mobiles.

Unlike the red candybar predecessor with its stick-on front plate, this one comes in black and sports a gold dragon. At first glance it looked more like a laquer box than a clamshell phone. Inside, there appears to be a vanity mirror, though this could work either way as a feng shui talisman to repel negative elements.

According to the booth rep, pricing will depend on customization and the amount ordered, though he did offer up a tentative range of $100 to $300. In the meantime, we'll be burning joss sticks to see if we get lucky a second time in spotting a Buddha clamshell. (Get more CommunicAsia 2008 coverage here.)

(Source: Crave Asia)