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Dragon for iPhone: Texting without typing

Popular software is now available for iPhone, meaning users can speak e-mails, text messages, and more to stay connected without typing.

Dragon for iPhone

There've been some dictation apps before, but now Nuance, maker of the world's most popular desktop dictation software, is invading the App Store with its own.

Dragon Dictation (link opens iTunes), which is based on the desktop Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, lets you do pretty much everything you'd use the iPhone's keyboard for, but with your voice.

That includes using the iPhone's clipboard for cutting and pasting, as well as saying your latest Twitter or Facebook update aloud (warning: Saying "Just ate a sandwich LOL roast beef LOL" aloud may frighten those around you). The app's still pending approval, but it should be out very soon, at which point it'll be free for a limited time. LOL!

CNET editors' note: Some people have expressed concern about a passage in the app's end-user license agreement that states that Nuance "collects and uses: the names of individuals and companies that appear in your address book in order to improve the quality of service." Nuance responds to the worries here.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo.