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Download 'Left 4 Dead' (PC) for $24.99

Mmmm, brains? Get the game Maximum PC called the "best of 2008" and send hordes of zombies back to hell.

Mow down all the zombies you can eat for just $25. Valve Software

Here's a smokin' deal for PC gamers: Valve Software's Left 4 Dead is on sale for $24.99, down from the usual price of $49.99. The catch: It's a weekend-only deal, so you gotta jump on it today.

Update: As of 8:55 a.m. ET Monday, the deal was still active.

Actually, there's another small catch: You must use Valve's Steam software to purchase and download the game. (No box for you! This is an all-digital deal.) No complaints here; I use Steam all the time.

I haven't played Left 4 Dead (zombies frighten me), but it's been widely praised as one of the top games of 2008. Indeed, GameSpot Maximum PC named it Game of the Year.

If it's half as good as Half-Life 2, the game I was playing when I discovered the deal, you won't be disappointed. The $25 price tag is close to what you'd pay on eBay for a boxed copy, but here you don't have to pay shipping or wait a week to get the game.

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