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Download free 'Into the Wild' MP3 audiobook from Borders

Sign up for a free Borders Digital Audiobooks account and you can get the book that inspired the movie--free of charge, and free of DRM.

Who says there's no such thing as a free MP3 audiobook? Borders

To help kick off its new MP3 audiobook download service, Borders is offering Jon Krakauer's spellbinding Into the Wild free of charge through July 19. You do need to sign up for a Borders Digital Audiobooks account, but it's free to do so, and that's the only catch.

Well, actually, there's one more: To access the book (and any others you purchase), you have to install something called OverDrive Media Console (currently Windows-only--grrr). It's basically a download manager that organizes your audiobooks and generates multipart MP3s (which you can then copy to any portable player using the software of your choice--iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.--or burn to CDs).

Big, big kudos to Borders for hopping on the no-DRM bandwagon. I love audiobooks nearly as much as I love e-books, but I rarely listen to them anymore because of all the DRM hassles. The new store is also offering 15 popular titles for $9.95 apiece between now and July 22. Other books are priced about the same as their CD counterparts, which is a bit disappointing.

Although I haven't heard the audiobook version (or seen the movie), I read Into the Wild many years ago and loved it. Definitely worth a listen.