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Double the goodness with new capsule speaker

The X-mini comes out with a stereo version.

Crave Asia

We have a soft spot for the X-mini Capsule Speaker, which blew us away with its mighty volume last year. Now Singapore-based XM-I Company has unveiled the X-mini Capsule Speaker Gen2, which addresses a shortcoming of its older sibling--namely, that it's now stereo.

Part of the charm of the X-mini series lies with its patented technology, which mimics the resonance of a subwoofer; the capsule's resonance chamber acts like a loudspeaker. Now there are two of these. So if you thought the mono-aural original had a surprisingly big boom, the new and improved X-mini sports double the goodness.

From what we understand, you can split the speaker into two halves, or not. This versatility allows the speaker to be used just like the original. The rub to all this is that it's now a little less pocket-sized, and a little heavier, doubling to 100 grams.

So what's different? The two-step volume button, which used to be on the on/off switch, has gone indie. It's now incorporated into the bundled stereo charging cable and comes as a volume dial to offer greater control and convenience. The indicator light flashes blue when playing and light purple when charging, instead of the previous green and red.

The speaker now packs two internal Lithium batteries (total of 300mAh), which yield 8-10 hours of operating time, compared with its predecessor's five to eight hours. All that's waiting to be revealed is whether the pricing will be doubly surprising.

(Source: Crave Asia)