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Double drawer dishwasher lets you determine the load

Function and form stack together in this double drawer dishwasher from Fisher & Paykel.

Fisher & Paykel 24-inch double dish drawer (Color: Stainless) Energy Star Fisher & Paykel

Function and form stack together in this double drawer dishwasher from Fisher & Paykel. The benefit of having two independently controlled wash drawers is easy to imagine. Pots and pans can be collected in one drawer for heavy duty wash needs. The other drawer can then be set to handle the lighter wash needs typical of tableware.

Further flexibility is enhanced by the ability to wash smaller loads instead of wasting water and energy necessary for an entire wash. There are nine wash programs available for each drawer, and each has an eco cycle option so as to minimize water usage. Additionally, the dishwasher is Energy Star qualified.

The EZKleen stainless steel exterior remains uncluttered with some of the control panels hidden along the top of each drawer. Status indicators remain on the front of the unit for easy to see readability.

Water is pumped through the detergent prior to coming in contact with the dish load. The diluted mixture is gradually filtered throughout the cycle in order to avoid detergent burn on dishes.

Users' reactions to the two-drawer system is mixed. Reviews online at Consumer Reports (subscription required) include complaints that tend to cite a poor washing ability and a small capacity. Favorable marks are given for the multiple settings and easy to load design.

Consumer Reports tested the noise-reduction capabilities as "Good," with other features rating a "Very good." The report card also gave the machine an "Excellent" for it's washing ability. The overall score they gave the unit was a 69 out of 100, with the highest rated model scoring an 83.