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DotHomes real-estate search site makes U.S. debut

The BytePlay search engine links to agent sites and enables video uploads on the fly. Just enter your terms, and relevant listings pop up.

Another week, another real-estate search site. DotHomes has gone live in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and it is now launching in the United States.


The free site offers short descriptions of properties to buy or rent, then links to agent sites. Looks fairly standard, except it also offers heat maps of local prices and enables video uploads for home sellers who think photos just don't do their home justice.

The DotHomes launch and the nationwide launch of the Roost home-buying site last week would seem to bolster the premise of an article in The New York Times finding that real-estate sites are booming despite the drop in home sales.

As Spencer Rascoff, chief financial officer at, put it: "In a down market, buyers, sellers, and agents need more tools."