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Dork throws Netbook in front of moving laser, lives to take pictures

Chris Maguire laser-etched the entire original Super Mario Land onto the lid of an Asus Eee PC.

Revolving dork (no really--revolving dork) Chris Maguire harbors such an intense love for the original Super Mario Land and his Asus Eee PC that he did what any of us would do: he laser-etched the entire game (as it appeared on the original Game Boy) onto the lid of the Netbook!

We're not sure what safety precautions Mr. Maguire took before the surgery to ensure the safety of the Eee PC, but the end result is flawless. The laser cutter, courtesy of NYC Resistor in Brooklyn, rigged up the final artwork to show all the levels cascading on top of each other in several layers.

Chris provides the Mario Land etching pattern here, but recommends you try to make one yourself and set the laser in "raster mode at 70 percent speed and 40 percent power to achieve this look."

More pictures of Chris's masterpiece after the break.