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DoorJamz replaces doorbell with custom tunes

This touchless doorbell prototype goes up against concepts like a hold-anything iPhone mesh case next week in Daily Grommet competition.

KMN Home

If you've ever been rudely interrupted by a doorbell because someone was dropping by your house at an inconvenient time, this prototype doorbell will make a lot of sense.

DoorJamz from KMN Home is a touchless, customizable doorbell that lets you adjust the ring volume, as well as set the ring to a favorite tune, just like the Swann MP3 DJ Doorbell.

As suggested in the promo video below (warning: it features a half-naked guy dancing in white socks, a la "Risky Business"), you can choose MP3s for different days of the week or for any occasion, such as "Thriller" on Halloween.

I'd definitely choose "Harlem Shake."

You can upload ringtones from your smartphone, which will receive snapshots of visitors from the doorbell's integrated camera.

DoorJamz is one of 10 finalists in From Home Plate to a Home Run, a product competition that shopping site Daily Grommet is hosting in Boston next week.

The contenders, which are introducing everything from leak-proof underwear to kids' goggles, have to sell their products to a panel of judges. The winner receives marketing help to launch the prize-winning product.

Another interesting concept among the finalists is Grid, a mesh-like iPhone case with flexible, customizable nylon bands that can hold anything from pens to earphones to ID cards or cash.

It looks like a great idea if you don't want to lug a wallet or purse around. Check it out in the second video below.

From Home Plate to a Home Run kicks off at Fenway Park on March 19.