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Don't try a staring contest with this Webcam

It's just the latest in the alien eyeball invasion.

Envision Monitors

The invasion of eyeball-shaped alien gadgets continues unabated. And the Webcam variety, in particular, is getting more brazen all the time.

They no longer bother with thinly veiled disguises; now they're coming out of their unholy closets in full ocular glory, as evidenced by Envision's "V-Cam." This orbital creature looks exactly like a giant eye staring you down with nary a blink as it transmits 1.3-megapixel video and 4-megapixel still shots with a five-glass lens and automatic face detection.

Although its specs aren't extraordinary, SlipperyBrick says its $50 price tag is reasonable if it performs as promised. We think it's just a way to get into as many households as possible to make their infiltration that much easier.