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Don't steal my MP3s

Don't steal my MP3s

Sony's come up with a novel use for an antitheft removable car stereo faceplate: MP3 storage. The MEX-1GP stereo head unit, on display at SEMA, does everything you would expect from a modern car stereo, such as play MP3 and WMA files off CD-R/RWs, but it also includes a gigabyte of storage in the removeable faceplate. Hook the faceplate up to a PC via its USB connector, and you can drop your music on to it. Then take it out to the car and you can navigate the stored files from the stereo head unit interface. Typically, 1GB holds about 500 songs, so the unit will carry most people through a road trip. I assume other types of data could be loaded onto the faceplate, which should please any Johnny Mnemonic-style data smugglers. The MEX-1GP will be released in February 2006, at a price of approximately $350.