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Don't recycle <i>this</i> coffee cup

'I am not a paper cup' coffee cup masquerades as a take out cup, but is made from porcelain instead.

The 'I am not a paper cup' coffee cup. Unicahome

There are many options for the modern coffee drinker. Gone are the days when the choice was simply between regular or decaf. Now, we can walk into any coffee joint and be presented with a laundry list of choices. Whether you are "hammerhead" type of coffee drinker, or would rather opt for the smooth drinking cafe au lait, chances are your local caffeinated watering hole has you covered.

For those on the go, the choices are also plentiful. Portable thermal carafes come in all shapes and sizes. Most independent cafe's will fill up your own personal cup or mug if you ask nicely. And of course, the to go coffee cup will always be fashionable in all of its recyclable glory. Most of us have grown accustomed to a particular vessel, and prefer the familiarity. For many, the means of our daily infusion of coffee is via the to go cup.

Enter the "I am not a paper cup" coffee cup. The unassuming cup is made from porcelain and comes with a silicon lid to minimize those on-the-go spills. Conveniently sized at six inches tall, the coffee cup is also double walled for insulation.

The plain white cup may be a bit pricey at $20, but considering how many cups of coffee you may drink, the price may be well worth it. Besides, with nary a 'tall', 'grande', or 'venti' in sight, you may just be the best accessorized coffee drinker in your local coffee house.