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Don't protect predatory monopolists

A reader writes: I am tired of the monopolies hiding behind regulation, but then acting like the monopolists that they are in the open market.


    Don't protect predatory monopolists

    In response to the May 8 Perspectives column by Paul Beckner, "Ending the broadband rip-off":

    Why would you think the Baby Bells would be any more effective in broadband without regulation? Since they have driven their DSL (digital subscriber line) competition to bankruptcy (Covad Communications, NorthPoint Communications and Rhythms NetConnections), they have raised DSL prices 25 percent and backtracked on their promised launch schedule. This seems just like their ISDN plan, and it seems to be the same plan they had to keep DSL from cannibalizing their T-1 lines until competition forced them into the market.

    I am tired of the monopolies hiding behind regulation (like the failed Telecom Act of 1996), but then acting like the predatory monopolists that they are in the open market. How is a higher price for horribly slow DSL service going to encourage broad adoption? I had DSL service from SBC Communications, and they were horrible to deal with. That is why I get so angry when people say that these monopolies need to be protected by regulation.

    Richard Tarlos
    Irvine, Calif.



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