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Don't miss Patton Oswalt's hilarious ideas for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

An improvisational moment during the filming of "Parks and Recreation" produces a gaggle of zany suggestions for the next "Star Wars" movie -- and inspires a great Chewbacca robot drawing.

Artist Jeff Delgado quickly came up with a Chewbacca robot drawing based on Patton Oswalt's rant. Jeff Delgado

On Thursday's episode of the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation," jokesmith Patton Oswalt made a brief appearance as a filibustering fool attempting to block a city council vote. According to the network, producers asked Oswalt to ramble about any subject during the skit, but what they got in return might be one of most zany and geeky "Star Wars: Episode VII" plot ideas ever heard.

During the epic unscripted rant, Oswalt wastes no time putting the highly anticipated seventh installation of the epic sci-fi franchise right back into the sandy barren world of Tatooine, where the comedian wishes for Boba Fett to rise triumphantly out of the Sarlacc's digestive tract. Despite the cast's multiple attempts to interrupt him, Oswalt keeps the imagination train rolling at full speed.

From there, Oswalt takes the audience on a wild journey of suggested plot twists, ranging from the inclusion of: Thanos (of the Marvel universe); the Greek pantheon; a divorced Han Solo reveals the severed head of Chewbacca (who later becomes a robot); a full X-Men crossover, and many more crazy ideas. The farce is strong with this one.