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Don't lose your lid

This kitchen organizer lets you take advantage of vertical space to keep things neat.

Even in a kitchen with an ample amount of storage space, it can be hard to find a solution to the problems of pots and pans and their pesky lids. The PanTree attempts to solve this dilemma by taking advantage of vertical storage space in your base kitchen cabinets.

Doesn't that look neat? Pantree

The PanTree organizer fits in a standard base cabinet (cabinets measuring 15 inches wide by 24 inches high by 24 inches deep) and even in cabinets with recessed shelves, stands 19 inches tall and has a 13-inch diameter. In that space, it can hold up to 14 pieces of cookware, including four lids.

You don't need any tools to construct the organizer; it snaps together right out of the box. It's been tested with different brands of cookware, and it can even stand up to heavy cast iron pieces. In addition, the pyramid design gives the PanTree stability, so even if you just hang two pans on the hooks, it will still stand upright.

Check out the PanTree online, and order your own for just over $30, including shipping.