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Don't look now, but the Galaxy Note 9 colors just leaked

Don't hold your breath for a purple Note 9.

Last week we glimpsed the Galaxy Note 9 with a bright yellow S Pen stylus. This week, another render shows off even more colors: the Galaxy Note 9 in black, blue and brown. 

The images come from well-known mobile Twitter tipster Evan Blass, and show the unofficial phone with a colorful S Pen stylus. The blue Galaxy Note 9 pairs with a shocking yellow stylus while the brown Note 9 has an S Pen that looks pinkish brown. And the black Note 9 looks like it plays things safe with a black S Pen to match.

Color is one way for phone brands to make their products pop against the competition, and Samsung's traditionally glossy backings usually adds a lot of depth to colors that aren't merely black or white.

Brown might seem like an oddly sedated choice for a phone, especially compared to the Galaxy S9's signature purple and coral blue shades, but Huawei's Mate 10 Pro came in a pinkish brown that was surprisingly pretty when the light bounced off of it.

Here's everything we know about the Galaxy Note 9 so far.

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