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Don't log on if you don't know who it is

Don't log on if you don't know who it is

Grrrrr. Yet another notice that you and your colleagues can't just freely surf the Internet in peace on a Windows XP system. Seems the no-goods have found yet another way to weasel into your computer and place malicious code that will make your box a worthless pile of steaming electrons.

The moral of the story is to not log on to Web sites you have any doubt about. It means that folks won't feel as free to log on to your small business's site if they've never heard of it, and you can't find out about as much other cool stuff that's out there without that little nagging tug at the back of your neck that maybe you're doing harm to your systems.

Whoever does this stuff should get billed for all the damage to the economy, then have to manually rebuild every computer they harm. Grrrr.