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Don't let Swarovski mess up your Valentine

Ego's "Love Edition" laptop should have skipped the crystals.


It would be interesting to know how well Ego's Valentine laptops do during the rest of the year. At $13,000 apiece we can't imagine them selling out even on Feb. 14, much less in May or September.

But whatever their prospects, they just made them worse in our estimation by adding the dreaded Swarovski to the team. Last year's "Love Edition" may not have been for everyone, but there was something clean and understated--as understated as a heart computer can be, anyway--about its simple leather design and tastefully muted shades of red and pink. The crystals, however, cheapen everything except price.

It could always be worse, of course. You could have bought the $350,000 version instead and changed your mind after losing the receipt.