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Don't let a full DVR ruin your life

The 'DVR Xpander' adds up to 500GB of space


TiVo may be a life-changer, but there's a dark side for couch potatoes who are also pack rats: the dreaded full hard drive. If you're too cheap to get a new version (that would be us), you're stuck with a disc that seems perennially full: As we all know, the maximum storage capacity is always based on low-resolution recordings, which make Lost reruns look like moving impressionist paintings.

But if you do have a newer Series 3 box--or any other DVR with an eSATA port--there may be help for those who can't just can't bring themselves to hit the delete button. Apricorn's "DVR Xpander" provides up to 500GB of additional space, which Electronista says can hold 60 hours or high-definition shows or 280 hours in standard resolution. Not all DVR models can work with this portable storage bin but, if yours does, you'll never have to miss another Spongebob episode again.

Update: We're told that the eSATA port on the TiVo Series3 may need a firmware update to be activated. (Thanks, Sheriff!)