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Don't install GTA 5 'Play' disc on Xbox 360, Rockstar warns

Take warning -- video evidence shows that installing the new Grand Theft Auto's 'Play' disc to the Xbox 360 can result in dodgy gameplay.

Xbox 360 owners who've just bought Grand Theft Auto V take note -- installing the game's second 'Play' disc to your console can result in shonky graphics.

Rockstar's hijack-a-thon, which was released yesterday, comes on two discs if you buy the 360 version -- a mandatory initial install disc that writes the game to your console's hard drive, and a Play disc for playing the game.

Many gamers like to install Xbox 360 games to their consoles, to preserve their discs and cut down on annoying console noise, but Rockstar has advised against doing this for GTA V.

"For optimal performance," the game-maker said on Twitter, "we recommend not installing the play disc."

The video below created by Digital Foundry could explain why, as it shows both the game with the play disc installed and with the disc not installed. As you can see, installing the play disc can throw up some annoying graphical quirks, with objects and textures popping into view a few seconds late.

If you simply can't bear the thought of running GTA V off a disc, Digital Foundry says installing the 'play' disc to a separate USB flash drive sorts out those irritating glitches.

Have you purchased GTA V? Are you enjoying it so far, as most critics have? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.