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Don't have time to drink your coffee? Chew it with Go Cubes

A new product called Go Cubes on Indiegogo promises portable, edible coffee in the form of gummies made out of real cold brew.

The Go Cube coffee gummies are much more portable than regular coffee, as this amusing graphic demonstrates. Nootrobox

Attention coffee addicts, marathon gamers or anyone looking for a new way to experience their daily cup, or gallon, of coffee.

Nootrobox -- a company that makes "nutrients for your brain" -- has come up with a way to turn cold-brew coffee into chewable coffee cubes called Go Cubes. The company launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking $20,000 (about £13,000) to help make the Go Cubes, which it calls "the future of coffee," a buzzing reality.

The Go Cubes come in three flavors -- classic drip, mocha and latte -- and each bite-size cube contains the equivalent of a half a cup of coffee. So you probably don't want to eat a handful of these in a sitting like you might with gummy bears, unless you want to KICK YOUR JITTERS INTO HULK MODE.

The cubes contain not just caffeine, but also Nootrobox's mix of "nootropic supplements" to help keep you awake and more cognitively alert. Those supplements include B vitamins, amino acids and other compounds that the company says mix well with caffeine to create a product that wakes you up and enhances your cognitive performance.

The nootropics forum on Reddit has a good explainer of what these compounds are, what they do and why you should be extremely careful with these so-called cognitive-enhancing drugs as they can, like other stimulants, lead to side effects like headaches, heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure and irritability.

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, there are various contribution tiers for the Go Cubes, ranging from $15-17 (£10-£11) for six four-packs to $225 (about £145) for five boxes of 20 four-packs, or 400 gummies in total. There are additional tiers for entrepreneurial folks who want to become local distributors.

Once the campaign has closed, the coffee gummies are expected to begin shipping in November, but as commonly happens with crowdfunding campaigns, that timing may change. If chewable coffee sounds like a good idea to you, you can learn more about the campaign on Indiegogo. Or you can always just stick with getting your energy boost the old-fashioned way -- in a cup or via a spray canister.