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Don't forget about the PS2 (in silver)

Sony is releasing a silver version for $129

For anyone scared of dropping $250 for a Nintendo Wii, $399 for an Xbox 360 or $599 for a PlayStation 3 this holiday season, fear not: Sony wants to remind you that a perfectly serviceable video game console is still available for a mere $129.

Generic PS2

Sony Computer Entertainment of America--which, coincidentally, is also releasing the PS3 on Nov. 17--said Monday that it plans a holiday release of a "silver edition" PS2 that will retail in the U.S. for $129. Canadians will pay $139.

The company did not say precisely when the new PS2 package--which sounds like it'll be almost exactly like a regular PS2 except that it'll be in a silver color--would be available. It did say the package will include a PS2 and a "limited edition" silver Dualshock controller. No games are included.

Still, at the same $129 price a regular PS2 has been selling at for months, it's a pretty good deal for one of the best-selling video game machines of all time and one that for many is still capable of providing an awful good time. In fact, since the PS2 outsold the Xbox 360 last holiday season, it's a good bet it will move more units, especially at this new price, than any of the next-generation consoles this year.

(Photo: Sony Computer Entertainment)