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Don't forget about Borland

A reader says not to forget Borland the next time the topic of application servers comes up.


Don't forget about Borland

In response to the July 23 column by Chuck Phillips, "Java application servers: The next operating system?":

Phillips writes: "The complexity could relegate application servers to high-end e-commerce applications that need the reliability and reuse. The Java server market could still use a good Visual Studio-like product, but I think it's safe to say it won't be Microsoft."

What about Borland's Application Server and their Enterprise Java Studio? JBuilder 4 won the majority of the Java-Pro awards (all the ones it was nominated in) and JBuilder 5 is out. JBuilder + BAS is definitely a Visual Studio-like environment. I'd go so far as to say that it is actually a better product. Besides, Oracle actually licensed technology from Borland originally to produce their Java development tool (JDeveloper) and the application server as well.

I hope you'll include Borland next time you talk about application servers, because they actually have a very good product. Also take a look at Borland Delphi--it is still the best Windows/Linux RAD development tool in the market. It takes RAD to a new level.

Kevin Berry