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Don't flush the phone

OK, maybe you do need another reason not to carry on a business conversation while taking care of other business. How about the $100 an hour you'll have to pay the plumber to fish your phone out when it drops into the toilet? And the endless cans of Lysol you'll have to apply to ever feel good about using that phone again?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, via Associated Press, reports on the phenomenon of cell phones in toilets, something that's become a growing problem as more and more clueless yutzes yack while they flush.

Fixing such problems can vary tremendously in cost and complexity, depending on where the phone lodges. "You might be in and out of there in a half-hour if you can pop it out from the top," said plumber Vince Ingrilli Jr. of Wauwatosa, Wis., told the newspaper. "If you can't see it or it lodges in the throat of the bowl, you're going to need to replace the whole thing."

Few phones survive the porcelain plunge, according to the report, and for those that do--well, you'll probably want to invest in disinfectant and a good headset.