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Don't fear the AI uprising: This robot can't even pass exams

Torobo, a robot created by the University of Tokyo, has tried and failed to gain entry to the prestigious university four times.

Are you terrified of a robot uprising? Well, don't be. The University of Tokyo's robot, named Torobo, isn't even smart enough to gain entry into the university.

Torobo, short for Todai Robot Project, has been attempting to pass the University of Tokyo entrance exam since its first attempt in 2013, reports PC Watch. It's getting smarter, but the robot isn't quite there yet, so it won't be giving out orders to its human underlings, or earning a degree, any time soon.

Last year, Torobo attempted a mock exam developed by education publishing company Benesse, and was this year provided with the same type of exam. The robot flunked both times. He's just like us!

After the fourth failure to gain access to the University of Tokyo, Torobo's creators decided to retire the robot from taking part in entrance exams, according to the publication. Instead, Denso the company behind Torobo's construction, will be adapting the technology for use in data analysis -- one area that Torobo showed a propensity for during his exams.

It seems not all artificial intelligence is created equal, with Google's AlphaGo AI bot earlier this year outsmarting one of the world's best Go players.