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Don't double dip when you can triple dip

The Crock-Pot SCRTD305-BS 3 X 1-Quart Triple Dipper Food Warmer features three times the serving size. Each crock is independently controlled, allowing for multiple serving options.

Something for everyone--or just you.
Something for everyone--or just you. Amazon

Entertaining is often not about supplying option for guests, but about supplying options for one's self. Making what you want to make is a great way to eat what you want to eat, without needing to come up with excuses. Why, of course there should be a bacon cheese dip for the big party. And chili. And perhaps another gooey cheese dip. It's only civilized after all.

To get any trifecta of party favorites going on, by definition, there needs to be three choices. When it comes to the hot and gooey, slow-cooked favorites that so often highlight the spread, a triple-barreled attack of deliciousness is needed. The Crock-Pot SCRTD305-BS 3 X 1-Quart Triple Dipper Food Warmer is here to help.

Featuring three 1-quart stoneware crocks all mounted upon a lazy Susan base, the party platter almost makes it too easy to get to the good stuff. The three vessels each have their own temperature control so cool dips and hot dips can reside side by side. When it's time to take the party on the road, the unit comes complete with a cover that holds down the lids during transport and then doubles as a serving platter at the destination--assuming the three favorites last that long.